Lindale Home Game 9/10/21

6:00 pm – Arrive

6:05 pm – Be in your seat with Band Trousers, Band Shirt, White Socks, White Band Shoes

on. Keep Jacket on its hanger in your uniform bag and bring to your seat

6:10 pm – Inside playing rehearsal

6:20 pm – Load instrument truck

6:45 pm – Arrive at stadium, line up in parade block next to bleachers. Hang uniform bag on


7:00 pm – March around the field and file into bleachers

7:20 pm – School Songs

7:25 pm – Teams return to the field, Star Spangled Banner

7:30 pm – Game Begins

8:30 pm – Halftime Performance (approximate time)

10:00 pm – Game Ends. Load equipment on truck and load buses for return to band hall

10:30 pm – Put equipment away properly. You must check your uniform in to your section

leader. You may leave after all equipment and uniforms have been put away.

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