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U.I.L. Marching Competition 10/15/2022

2:15 pm - Call Time. Meet in the band hall. We will bus over to the stadium for rehearsal.

3:00 pm - Return to Band Hall, Load Truck.

3:30 pm - Leave for Longview High School Stadium

5:00 pm - Use the restroom (VBPA will provide meal)

5:45 pm - Dress and Line Up for Warm Up

6:15 pm - Warm Up Time


7:45 pm - Return to the Bus, put instruments away, stay in uniform for picture

8:00 pm - After announcement of ratings, put uniform away, use the restroom and return

to the buses to depart.

8:30 pm - Load and Leave for home.

10:00 pm - Arrive Van High School, Put equipment away, Go Home!

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