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November 1st Sub Plan


Junior High - 1st and 2nd Period

Students have assigned seats and have been instructed to stay there throughout the week. Please play the videos listed at the bottom of the page using the chromebook and TV supplied at the front of the room.

TV should be set to HDMI 2. If nothing is being displayed, check the chromebook settings and make sure screen mirroring is enabled.


High School - 3rd and 4th Period

High school students are at contest today.


Middle School - 6th, 7th, and 8th Period

All students will meet in large band hall and have been instructed to pick a seat and stay there. Students are to log into google classroom and complete Theory Assignment #3 for their instrument. 

Students should already be registered for the google classroom, but if they aren't they can use the code : a3t4kln to join


Junior High School- 8th Period

Students will spread out in the band hall and practice their All-Region / Christmas Concert Music. They are to do this until the bell rings. They have permission to use all rooms in the band hall, except for the band office.

For all classes- please document any students who give you trouble

Videos for November 1st

Marching Videos- Play these first

Van High School 2022-

Spring Hill High School 2016-

Bluecoats 2022-

Blue Devils 2022-

Bluecoats 2014-

Cavaliers 2004-



How it's Made- Play these last







Stomp Live ( Two Days)

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