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2023 UIL State Military Marching Championships- 10/25/2023

7:50AM Loading crew report to band hall. All others wait for announcement

8:15AM Announcement made. Report to band hall

9:00AM Leave for Stadium run-through.

10:00AM Depart for Waco

12:45PM Arrive, use restroom

1:00PM Lunch in Parking Lot (meal provided)

2:00PM Get dressed and line up

2:30PM Warmup


3:45PM Return to bus. Put away instrument and uniform. Stay in band shirt

4:00PM Return to stadium to watch remaining bands

5:00PM Drum Major retreat/ announcement of finalists

5:30PM Back to bus for dinner (meal provided)

If we march again in Finals

10:00 PM Load and leave for home

12:45 AM Return time (approximate). Put away equipment, go home!

If we do not march again

6:30 PM Load and leave for home

9:30 PM Return time (approximate). Put away equipment, go home!

***Admission Fee is $20.00 for prelims/$20.00 for finals***

***Live Stream on***



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