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Medical/Physical forms for HS band - REQUIRED

All High School Band members must have the following before participating in band:

1. All Members-

Completed "Preparticipation Physical Evaluation - Medical History" Form

2. Incoming 9th & 11th Grade-

Completed "Preparticipation Physical Evaluation - Physical Examination" Form (administered by a doctor)

The fastest and easiest way to get this done is by doing it at school!

Van ISD will provide on-site physicals at the High School on Wednesday, May 8th.

8th Grade students will be bused over to the HS after 1pm to receive their physical.

Students must have a copy of their physical form and $15 to receive their physical.

If you do not complete your physical at this time you will need to have it done on your own over the summer. You will not be allowed to participate in summer band activities until both of the above requirements have been met.

Hard copies of these forms have been provided to students. You may print your own at 

Physical forms must be received by Monday, July 29th



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