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Playoff Game No. 2 - 11/19/2021

3:45 pm – Arrive

3:50 pm - Roll Check in your seat with your uniform in its bag. Wear band shirt, white socks,

and white band shoes

4:00 pm – Load and Leave

5:15 pm - Arrive at stadium, use the restroom

5:45 pm - Line up for entry to stadium

6:30 pm - Warm Up in bleachers

6:50 pm - School Song

6:55 pm - Teams return to the field

7:00 pm - Game Begins

8:00 pm - Halftime Performance (approximate time)

9:30 pm - Game Ends, Load equipment and load buses for return to Van

10:00 pm - Depart for home, if you are not returning to Van with the band, you must sign out

with Mr. Moore at the band buses

11:30 pm - Arrive home, put equipment away properly!



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