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UIL State Military Marching Band Championship - December 9th

7:50 am - Go to 1st Period

9:30 am - Come to the band hall, load and leave for the stadium for Rehearsal

10:15 am - Back to the band hall, load instruments

10:45 am - Eat (VBPA will provide)

11:15 am - Load and Leave for Pine Tree H.S. Stadium

12:30 pm - Arrive, Use the Restroom, get dressed and line up

1:15 pm - Warm Up Time

2:00 pm - PERFORMANCE!

2:15 pm - Professional full band picture

2:30 pm - Back to the bus, put instrument, hat and plumes away. We will stay in uniform!

Put your mask on! We will go back to the stadium and sit together.

You will be given $10.00 for concessions, stay quiet as the contest will be in progress

5:30 pm - Announcement of results

6:00 pm - Use the restroom, go back to the buses, load and leave for home.

7:30 pm - Arrive Van, put things away, Go Home!

***The contest will be live streamed at

***Tickets at the gate are $20.00 for spectators



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